Dr. Missionary, I Presume

It’s about time for my church’s annual missions’ conference so I’ve been contemplating the lives of missionaries I’ve known and those whom our church supports. In that spirit, I’d like … Continue Reading →


Boost Your Boast

There’s an old joke about the man whose town presented him a medal for humility but then took it away when he wore it. We can all relate to the … Continue Reading →


Life – It’s Your Turn

You, your family, and your friends have heard about this exciting new game. You go out, buy it, and have a wonderful, fun evening planned. Everyone’s together around the table, … Continue Reading →

Can You Do It Without Asking?

Challenge With A Capital “P”

There is an aspect to the life of every believer which needs constant attention and practice. It is something that can be a practiced blessing of the youngest Christ-follower or … Continue Reading →


Divine Gardening 101

Throughout the New Testament, the Scriptures use the metaphor of growing plants to describe the personal spiritual growth of Christ-followers. From Christ’s parable of sowing the seed of the Gospel … Continue Reading →