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Your Defense Team’s Job

It’s a very common courtroom scene.  The judge looks down at the defendant who is represented by an entire team of defense attorneys.  Often we view these defense teams as … Continue Reading →


Living With A Head Transplant

Today’s Navigator’s tool “30 Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God” goes beyond our individual relationships with the Lord God.  Today we’re thinking about our corporate relationship – … Continue Reading →


He’s Big Daddy In A Good Way

Every person you know has a father.  And that’s the problem for many of us because the idea of God as our Father is all mixed up with our experiences … Continue Reading →


He’s More Than A Song

We’ve all heard God referred to as “God Almighty” – there was even a popular movie with that exact name referring to Him (a movie I do not recommend by … Continue Reading →


Are You Comfortable?

Everyone goes through trials.  We all have tough times in our lives.  God’s Word tells us to embrace our sufferings and thank God for them… not in a masochistic way … Continue Reading →