Saints Alive!

Have you ever known anyone who said “Saints Alive!” as an exclamation? It’s an old fashioned expression usually made by a seasoned citizen who’s a bit of a character. But … Continue Reading →

Toothpaste Coming From Tube - Web Large

About Toothpaste Tubes

Have you ever been hurt by a word? Perhaps a parent, friend, or even a total stranger spoke in the heat of a moment and marred your memory with a … Continue Reading →

Lessons To Ride Out The Storm

15 Life Lessons From The Ark

I didn’t see the latest Hollywood effort at portraying the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark. Between the special effects and their need to sensationalize, I just didn’t bother … Continue Reading →


Is You Is or Is You Ain’t?

“It takes all kinds” is a popular axiom we’ve all heard. The world is made up of an almost limitless variety of people. Different races, personality profiles, and socioeconomic backgrounds … Continue Reading →


It’s Not About The Blessing!

“Blessing” is a word that floats around the church like thousands of brightly colored balloons dropped from the ceiling of a party. They are everywhere. You hear people talking about … Continue Reading →