What’s So Good About Good Friday?

Easter is coming.  The celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is understandable.  What a blessing.  He is risen, the promise of redemption to all who believe in Him as … Continue Reading →

inside the box

Living Outside The Box

We’ve all heard the truism that great people achieve that status by “thinking outside the box” and I’ve been thinking that this is true for Christ-followers as well.  It seems … Continue Reading →


Finally, The Full Story!

All too often Christian movie makers soften the impact of the gospel story in order to more neatly fit into our modern culture.  We buy into the idea that acceptance … Continue Reading →


Did You Get The Memo?

We all have experiences in our lives that seem extreme or difficult.  God allows us to wander in a wilderness – sometimes of our own making, sometimes not.  Whether we … Continue Reading →

praise guy

What Do We Get To Do?

Many of us shake our head in disbelief at how God’s people constantly complained as they traveled through the wilderness of God’s deliverance.  God provided, they grumbled.  He blessed, they … Continue Reading →