Living With Binoculars

Binoculars are wonderful devices. You put your eyes to the lenses and things become huge! Everything around the edges disappears. The object you’re looking at is all there is to … Continue Reading →


Having A White Christmas?

It’s that time of year. Christmas seems to be in the air. Just this Sunday, my church began a series of services about the “Songs of Christmas.” Music seems to … Continue Reading →


Flying On Instruments

My son is a pilot. He tells me that one of the achievements of being a private pilot is getting your instrument rating. This allows you to fly at night, … Continue Reading →

this is the one

Everything? Really?

In this culture of self-help, independence, and determination it is easy to think that we achieve it all by means of our own luck, cunning, or skill. The things we … Continue Reading →

hands to heaven

Sometimes You Get Manna

At one time or another all of us have needs. Financial difficulties, family problems, health issues, even circumstances at work or church – we all experience circumstances that drive us … Continue Reading →