Something Fishy Is Going On Here

We love mysteries. One of the best selling genres of fiction is the good old mystery. We seem to enjoy puzzles worked out by the brilliant thinking of an accomplished … Continue Reading →


What Does God Want?

It’s a question all of us have asked ourselves at one time or another, usually when facing some challenging circumstance. We begin to ponder the future and ramifications of actions … Continue Reading →

picture by Laura Sotka

My Favorite Two Words

I am so glad God is the Almighty. He is awesomely powerful. He can do anything. When I consider who He is and what He is like I slip into … Continue Reading →


Nothing New Under the Sun? Really?

It seems our society is always running after the latest and greatest and never catching the dream. The latest cell phone is still just a way of communicating with acquaintances. … Continue Reading →

painting by:  Nancy Poucher

Is Your Ship Empty?

As a culture we celebrate feats of accomplishment by lone individuals – swimming the English Channel alone, sailing around the world in a one person boat, hiking the Appalachian Trail … Continue Reading →