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Is Being Sorry Enough?

Recently a friend sent me this article about what he called an “absolutely great” prayer.  Whether it actually happened or not, after reading the prayer a couple of times, there … Continue Reading →

Gratitude, Attitude, or Platitude

In the midst of overeating, football, and family tensions the Thanksgiving holiday invites each of us to think about the reality of our own personal attitudes toward the Lord.  This great … Continue Reading →

Thumbnail - Living With Lava

Living With Lava

Are you hot under the collar and ready to blow? This video helps us think through the issue of anger in our lives and what the problem may be. WATCH … Continue Reading →


Do We Rent God?

If you’ve ever gone to the tool rental store or rented a car, you’ve signed a rental agreement.  And all rental agreements are basically the same.  They stipulate that you … Continue Reading →

I've Been Thinking - Today Is Yesterday's Future

Today Is Yesterday’s Future

Do you worry about the future?  Many do.  This video blog addresses why worry has no place in the life of a Christ-follower. Hope you enjoy it… Click Here