Welcome To My Mind!

Don’t be afraid.  I know it’s a scary place but it is also a friendly place.  Nothing bad is going to happen to you and, who knows, you might find something good.  These pages contain the collected thoughts of … well, me.  Take your time and look around. 

My Blog Posts Come Under Different Menu Headings

Welcome – The very post you are reading… duh!
Bible Bits Thoughts based on the Word of God designed to challenge and inspire in ways you may want to talk about with friends.
Just Thoughts My thinking on things of culture, entertainment and news that bring a different way to consider.
Unemployed Life – Observations from my own unemployed experiences based on my book, “Unemployed: Life in the Wilderness” meant to encourage and strengthen anyone living with joblessness.
Introductions – Random thoughts about and from me, the blogger, presented to challenge you, the reader, in your own thinking about life and faith.
Eating 4 God A “tasty” way of approaching diet and health that reflects the successes and setbacks of my own journey to losing weight the Biblical way and giving God glory along the way… who knows you might even get a recipe.   [NOT POSTED YET… STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION]
Contact – An easy way to get in touch for more information about my speaking at your church, civic group, or event – or just passing on your thoughts.

To find the Menus look above the large scrolling photos… So, to find the posts UNDER a Menu Heading you have to look OVER the large photo.  Confused yet?  I am.

Getting Around Is Easy

On the “Home Page” there are photos scrolling across the top.  If any of them grabs you just click on the picture and you’ll be taken to that individual blog.  You can move through the photos more quickly by clicking on the dots across the bottom of the big photo.  The post page with menu buttons offers the most recent posts with a “next” or “previous” arrow at the bottom for you to scroll.  You can also use the menu button to see posts about that specific subject or even use the “Search” field to see what blogs contain a word you’re interested in considering.  You’ve got options.  I hope you stay awhile and look around.  Make yourself at home… I do.  Of course, I’ve been at home in my mind for some time now.

There is also a list of the most recently posted blogs directly under the scrolling photos.  You can also check out the “Categories” list on the right of any page.  That will get you to a list of blogs appropriate to the category.  Did I just say “appropriate?”  That’s probably the last time I’ll use that word on this website.

I Want To Hear What You’re Thinking

Your comments are welcome at the end of each blog.  You’re also encouraged to “Like” and “Share” whatever strikes you as worthwhile… just use the links at the end of each post.  Be sure to comment and let me know what you think about what I think.  And don’t forget to “Subscribe” so you can get e-mails of other thoughts you might find a blessing or challenge.

This could be fun!

Think about it…

Len M. Allen

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