The Valleys of Life


Looking Up From The Valleys of Life


The Valleys of Life

I do not always understand, why things happen as they do,

But one thing I am sure of, My Lord will see me through.

Sometimes my life is hard to take, full of sorrows, trials, and woe.

It’s then that I remember. It’s in the valleys that I grow!

My valleys seem so very small when I see Christ upon the cross.

He endured that cost of pain for me, His victory, Satan’s loss.

His grace and mercy are all I need to handle every blow,

I thank Him for my need to pray, “Lord! It’s in the valleys that I grow!”

“If I always stayed on mountain tops and never had the pain,

I’d never learn to trust in You and never peace attain.

Forgive me Lord, for doubting when I’m feeling very low.

Just give me a reminder – it’s in the valleys that I grow!”

“So please, provide me with your strength, and use my life each day,

To share your love with others, and help them find their way.

You know I have so much to learn and my growth is very slow.

I always pray for mountain tops, but it’s in the valleys that I grow!”

“You’ve given me the comfort that has helped me really live

Now I pass it on to others so they too can freely give.

Thank you for the valleys Lord, for this one thing I know

The mountain tops are glorious but it’s in the valleys that I grow!”

think about it…

An internet poem, author unknown, rewritten by Len M. Allen,



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  • Len Allen says:

    Thanks for the posting… and thank you for the compliment of its relevancy. The big thing I believe is that God Is Relevant!

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