Not Broken But Breaking

taking a breakWhat a year it’s been for the “I’ve Been Thinking…” blog.  You who are regular subscribers have been such an encouragement to me.  We have readers from Australia to South Africa… Alaska to Key West… India to the Middle East – it has been amazing getting your comments and words of blessing.  Thank you so much.

We have written 124 blog posts every week for the past 2 years and it’s been fun.  However, for the next few months my wife and I will be completing some major personal projects, spending time with distant family, while continuing our personal ministries of Bible studies, mentoring, conferences, small groups and assisting with the adult ministries of our church – Silverdale Baptist Church –  It’s a real grace to be used to make some small contributions where we’re able.

There are going to be a number of coming weeks when we will just not be able to post any meaningful thoughts.  So, we’ve decided to take a summer break.  We’ll take this time to be refreshed in the Lord.  We will be back!  I’m projecting the next posting will be at the end of August.

If you are a subscribed reader, you will get the next “thought” by e-mail as usual.  You don’t have to take any action.  If you check us out on FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Google+ you’ll see the next posting.  If you’d like to make sure you don’t miss the Fall start-up just subscribe right here on the website.  You’ll get the e-mail automatically.  If you’re new to “I’ve Been Thinking…” I hope you’ll take a moment or two and review some of my last posts.

Taking a break – but already anxious to start up again,

Thinking about it…


  • Vicki Seagroves says:

    I have been throughly blessed and really challenged by so many of your blogs. We sometimes all need a break. Will be looking forward to later blogs. Praying many blessings and to be refreshed for you and your family.

  • Nick Winkler says:

    Have a great summer Len!

    • Len Allen says:

      Thank you so much. We’ve already begun. Been to a small group conference in Nashville… Visited my Mom and sisters in Arkansas… Saw good friends and their sick son in Nashville at the wonderful Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital… now back in Chattanooga for a few weeks… will be visiting Hawaii later this Summer. It’s been a wonderful start to a holiday time of ministry, blessings, and play.

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