Employers Want Holes, Not Employees

Drill-HolePeople Don’t Buy Drills Because They Want A Drill

No business person I know wakes up one morning and says, “We need more employees.”  Yet, even in this bad economy, businesses are hiring people.  Why?  When looking for a job, there’s a common question we should ask ourselves,

“What is this company looking for?”

Many years ago I was at a sales conference where I was asked a simple question.

“Why does a person buy an electric drill?”

In discussing the answer, we came to the conclusion that people don’t buy drills because they want a drill.  They buy drills because they want holes.  The drill they choose represents the solution to two needs – the size of the hole and the material through which the aforementioned hole must be drilled.

Employers are the same.  A business discovers it has a need.  It needs to accomplish some task to be more profitable.  That’s why it decides to hire a new employee.  Businesses never want to just add people.  They want to add solutions to needs they have in the marketplace.

All through your interview, and even in your cover letters, keep in mind the question,

“What is the need this company is trying to fill and how do I offer them the opportunity to best fill it?  What are the obstacles they’re trying to bore through?”

Your experience highlights and emphasized qualifications should be tailored to what the business needs.  Show them you can help them with that need and you’ll stand out from people who are just looking for jobs.

Explain how you are the drill that has the features to get them the holes they need, through whatever is in their way, and you’ll quickly find yourself in the company tool box.

Think about it…







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