Doesn’t God Care?

It’s Not Supposed To Be Like This!

Sometimes life can be scary!  Things happening over which we have no control.  We can feel helpless and worthless as more and more circumstances stack up against our happiness and security.


I Can’t Believe He’s Sleeping At A Time Like This!

A fear settles in.  Maybe things will never get better.  Maybe there will be no end to the sorrow, frustration, loneliness, and questions.  This desperate fear can even occur to those of us who consider ourselves Christians.  We go to church, we pray, we try to live a God-pleasing life, we may even read our Bibles.  But here we are – struggling.

This isn’t supposed to happen to us.  We’re supposed to be God’s people – His blessed.  What’s going on?  We are in this terrible predicament, scared, and suffering.  Doesn’t God care?  Why doesn’t He do something?

There was a time in the New Testament when the disciples felt the same way.  In Mark 4:35-40 they found themselves in a boat, at sea, in a fierce storm.  Why were they there?  BECAUSE JESUS TOLD THEM TO BE THERE (vs. 36).  They were being obedient.  Jesus had sent them into a dangerous situation.  Didn’t He care?  Some of them were professional fishermen and even they were afraid (vs. 35).  And where was Jesus?  He was with them.  BUT HE WAS ASLEEP!

As a Christian you know Jesus is with you but do you ever think He’s asleep – or just not paying attention?  The apostles did.  In fact, they came to Him and woke Him up with an accusation.  The same accusation we can express when we’re going through the storms of difficult circumstances.

“Lord, don’t You care that we are perishing?”

If they would have stopped and thought about it, they would have figured out that they were right where Christ had told them to be.  Doing exactly what He had told them to do.  If they drowned in the storm so would Jesus because they were in the boat together.  But they didn’t think it through and they panicked.

You know in your head that, as a Christian, Jesus is with you in this boat of hard times.  In the second half of Matthew 28:20 Jesus said,

And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (NLT)

Don’t Panic!

It doesn’t make our fear seem so bad when even the apostles could feel the same way we are feeling.  When Jesus woke up, He identified the problem.  The apostles weren’t willing to have faith and ride out the storm – trusting that He knew what He was doing.

In spite of the small and fearful faith of the apostles, Jesus calmed the sea.  But that’s not all He calmed (vs. 40).  God has a message for us as we go through the storms of life – a message of reassurance even in the chaos, confusion, difficulties, and frustrations of our current situation.

Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burden, The God who is our salvation.  Psalm 68:19

Think about it…


  • Len Allen says:

    I have really lived in the midst of this question. During the fairly frequent storms in my life (some of them storms of my own making) God has always shown up. Maybe not when or how I expected but He has always been faithful. And He can be for you – Do you trust Him?

  • I am grateful for your post. I could have written it myself right now in my life. Each day is different. Some days it is easier to trust the Lord even though circumstances do not look good than others. Bible-believing Christians know the truth in their minds & hearts, but our feelings have to be brought in line w/ the truth that we know. It is not easy! However, It is better to be honest before the Lord about where you are than to pretend to be someplace we
    are not. God can help us if we confess our sin or maybe it’s not sin, but just not @ peace. He will not help us as long as we pretend that we are not hurt, sad, angry, or any other emotion. God made us with emotions. Emotion is not a dirty word, but should be acknowledged & brought under God’s grace.

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