A Christmas Truth For Any Time of Year

It’s never out of season to refresh your thinking about the true Christmas message.  This little, easy to read book will set your mind to thinking about the very familiar story… thinking about some things you’ve never seen before.   Thoughts that might absolutely change the way you think about the holiday, and why you should remember its story all year long.

And if you have a friend or family member with whom you’ve been trying to share the claims of Christ, this little book presents the gospel in a totally enjoyable, non-threatening way.

Do you know the REAL Wise Men of the Christmas story?

Who were they?

Where were they from?

How did they get to Jerusalem?

Why would Gentiles from a far away nation care that the Jews had a new King?

Why would they want to worship that Jewish King?

Why did they bring gifts?

And… Why should we care?

My book, “Why The Wise Men Came To Christmas” answers these and other questions using Biblical truth and accuracy with a fresh look at the Gospel of Christ.

A great gift for believers and unbelievers alike.

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