Being Unemployed Is Just Embarrassing

Hiding From Everyone

Hiding From Everyone

Six Steps to Fight Embarrassment

Suddenly, we find ourselves without a job.  We are, perhaps without success, seeking employment.  But we can’t help asking ourselves, “What are people thinking about my being out of work?  Do they think I’m lazy, no good, or just a freeloader?”  No doubt, being without a job can be embarrassing, even within our own families.

As Christians, we may have told people we believe God will bless us and provide a job.  But He doesn’t… yet.  In the Bible, Lamentations 3:14-18 expresses this very embarrassment and frustration.  Although an Old Testament book, written centuries ago, these verses really describe the situation in which many of us find ourselves – embarrassed!

I have become a laughingstock to all my people, Their mocking song all the day. He has filled me with bitterness, He has made me drunk with wormwood.

The best counter to this embarrassment is taking six specific actions:

1.  Tell people about your blessings.

After describing his trying situation, Jeremiah counts his blessings in Lamentations 3:21-26.  In the worst circumstance there are always reasons to thank God.  God is pleased and people you come in contact with – even potential employers –  will be impressed with your attitude.

2.  Tell yourself this is a transition not a destination.

Jeremiah 9:21 tells us that God has a plan.  You need to convince yourself that you are moving through that plan to the destination He has in mind for you. Then ask Him what He is transitioning you into, a new career or maybe into a ministry opportunity?

3.  Have a prepared answer to the question, “What are you looking for?”

You’ll be asked that question by potential employers and friends alike.  Be ready with a 30 to 45 second explanation of your background, skills, and goals.  If you don’t know, now is the time to think it through.  A fuzzy answer raises questions about whether you are serious about your job search or not… and that’s embarrassing.

4.  Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work.

I mean everyone.  Don’t hide the fact that you are searching for job opportunities.  Not only does this communicate that you are serious about finding work, but it also might lead to an opening that you would otherwise never have known about.  Most people want to be helpful.  That help could lead to amazing things.

5.  Show everyone your search tools.

Have a resume.  If you don’t know how, get help.  Once you have a professional resume, carry copies everywhere.  Carry a briefcase or notebook with copies so that you can show it to anyone who takes interest.  This shows you are seriously looking for work and, again, could lead to opportunities.

6.  Ask everyone for ideas, contacts, and leads.

We hear the term “networking” all the time.  What it means is asking everyone you come in contact with if they know someone who has work or even knows someone who might know someone.  Don’t react negatively to dumb ideas.  Just thank the source and keep moving.  Over 70% of all job openings are not advertised through media.  The only place to discover the jobs that are out there is through network contacts.  Asking for names of contacts shows you are working at getting work.  This is not embarrassing and perhaps even inspiring.

Taking these six actions will demonstrate to everyone you are serious about your job search and convince yourself you have nothing to be embarrassed about.  There are millions of people out of work.  Take these six actions and you’ll just be moving on faster than many of them.

Think about it…

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