Are You Unemployed, Outdated, Unwanted and Overlooked?

old murcIf you are an unemployed worker over the age of 50 it is easy to get the impression that potential employers are looking at you as if you were a Mercury automobile.   A couple years ago Ford Motor Company sent out an announcement that its Mercury division will be discontinued.  Let’s look at a little history direct from Ford’s release.

“It all started in the 1930s, when Edsel Ford, Henry Ford’s son, saw an opportunity to create an additional brand within the Ford hierarchy, one that would slot vehicles between the everyman Ford Deluxes and premium Lincoln Zephyrs. To achieve this, Edsel felt the vehicles of this new brand should offer distinctive styling along with innovative features and better capabilities.”

In their announcement, Ford said that Mercury is but a shell of its former self and is no longer viable in today’s marketplace.  This may sound very familiar to the older job seeker in today’s unemployment environment who is feeling like a shell of their former self and no longer viable in the workplace.


Be An Oldie and         A Goodie


So, you’re an older job seeker.  You have skills that position you as an above average worker.  You’ve been around the block.  At one time in your career you might even have been sought after or recruited.  Like the Mercury, you had “distinctive styling with innovative features and better capabilities.”  But you are discovering that in today’s job market you’re considered out of date and even old-fashioned.

What a bummer!  But, I have good news.  There are people who remain committed to search out the Mercury as a quality automobile.  There are clubs and hobby groups dedicated to appreciation of that quality vehicle.  Stay persistent in your job search.  You’ll find that, like people who seek the Mercury, there are companies who are looking for “mature” employees.  Go to the AARP website, .  Under the “Find a Job” heading you’ll find companies specifically looking for significantly experienced workers.

The best news is that God doesn’t “discontinue” a model just because of age.  Consider that God didn’t tell Moses what He wanted him to do until Moses was 80 years old or two thirds through his life, being a missionary was a third career for Paul, and Jesus didn’t even start His public ministry until he was by, that society’s standards, a very mature man of 30.  God has a plan for you.  Don’t give up… and keep on rollin’!

Think about it…

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